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Compact travel tripod

*Portable,new shape of the legs ,more comfortable grip.
*Packed max diameter only 4.8cm,1/3 smaller than similar product.
*Flip lock system, quick experience,easy to operate. *Unique and new appearance,high recognition.

Desktop tripod

*Born for Video creation.
*The tripod from top to the bottom,all stable and firm.
*Lightweight, suitable for daily carrying and traveling.
*3KG load-bearing, easy to support multiple devices.

Flexible tripod

*The metal wires made of 7 aluminum strips provides more than 3 times the toughness.
*2-in-1 camera plate and phone holder.
*Double 1/4 screw hole for Extension,more connect you can get. *Quick locking Knob,easy to use.

Desktop tripod

*Special patent design.
*Easy to use,portable.
*Combined with metal and plastic, balancing weight and lightness.
*Stable and durable.
*Unique texture on the surface.
*ABS material for more comfortable grip in winter.

Expandable tripod stand

*Extension pole and tripod all in one.
*Double 1/4 screw hole for Extension,more connect you can get.
*2-in-1 camera plate and phone holder.

Bluetooth remote control

*Come with cold shoe mount.
*Mini size, easy to carry.
*Surface special texture design.
*Replaceable battery.

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